Emerald – 92 Stemgrass


Products Specifications

Color:                         Emerald Green

Thatching:                 Brown | Green

Traffic:                        Light-Heavy

Pile Height:                1 7/8″

Turf Gauge:               3/8″

Face Weight:             92 oz.yd2

Backing Weight:       26 oz.yd2

Total Weight:             118 oz.yd2

Stitch Rate:                18.5/10 cm

Stitches/m2:              19,425

Blades:                       Stemgrass

Series:                        Emerald Series


The Lush and natural appearance of Emerald – 92 Stemgrass Artificial Turf

Are you tired of dealing with a dull and patchy lawn? Upgrade your outdoor space with the lush and natural appearance of Emerald – 92 Stemgrass Artificial Turf. This premium turf is designed with a blend of emerald green and brown-green thatching, creating a realistic and natural look. You’ll be amazed by how the vibrant green hues of the turf can transform your outdoor space into an oasis of tranquility.

Durable and Heavy Traffic Resistant Turf

Emerald – 92 Stemgrass Artificial Turf is engineered to withstand heavy traffic, making it an ideal choice for those who love to entertain outdoors. With a pile height of 1 7/8″ and a turf gauge of 3/8″, this turf is strong enough to resist wear and tear from frequent use, while also providing a comfortable and safe surface for children and pets to play on. The 92 oz.yd2 face weight and 118 oz.yd2 total weight add to the durability and ensure that your turf will last for years to come.

Low Maintenance Turf for Easy Living

Say goodbye to the hassle of mowing, watering, and fertilizing your lawn with Emerald – 92 Stemgrass Artificial Turf. This low maintenance turf is a convenient and cost-effective solution for busy homeowners who want a beautiful and functional outdoor space without the effort. The Stemgrass blades require minimal upkeep, and the 18.5/10 cm stitch rate and 19,425 stitches/m2 ensure that your turf will look neat and tidy all year round.